Julie and Shiloh in the winners Circle

Winning. It was better than I could have imagined. The crowd erupted in roars. Whistles filled the air, and stomping feet shook the stadium. I could barely hear the announcer call my, and Shiloh’s name.

Shiloh danced a little sidewise because of the din, then followed my lead as we made out way to the winners circle. My mom emerged from the crow of people gathering around and took hold of Shiloh’s halter. I slid from the saddle landing in the soft dirt. I looked back at the arena, it looked much bigger from here. I rubbed Shiloh’s neck.

Suddenly, the announcer stood before me, and asked, “Julie, how does it feel to be the winner on this last night of competition?”

I was so excited I have no idea what I said, but the crowd roared it’s approval. I looked beyond the gates and there was my dad, waving and slapping people on the backs.
It’s wonderful to be a winner.

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