Captain Obvious [BFC]

Sitting on park bench, early October
“So how was that shadowing meeting?”
“Eh, not too boring, not too interesting. Could’ve been worse.”
“Things could always be worse. Hey, do you know of any particle physists nearby that I could potentially shadow?”
“The nearest Ivy League is probably your best bet. They have a particle accelaerator, don’t they?”
“Sure do.”
“Y’know, if you ended the world, I think Emma would hunt you down.”
“She probably would.”
“Did you tell Emma about that one dream I had, with the Super-Mega Target?”
“And Mr. W in a powder blue suit?”
“That’s the one.”
“I don’t think I have told her yet. Man, that’s one of the wierdest dreams I’ve ever heard.”
“Y’know, what can I say? It may even rival Emma’s dreams. And those are pretty crazy.”
Heavens open in ferocious downpour.
Stoic silence.
“Uh, Watween? I didn’t want to point it out to you, but I think it’s raining.”
“Thank you, Captain Obvious.”

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