Flushing, New York - Part III

As I was about to leave and make my run for the tent, I heard a bathroom stall door slam shut. There was no wind. I broke off into a run and sprinted into the thick woods separating me from my safety. Watching my back I did not realized I was running straight into tree branches. I tried to scream but nothing came out.
I pushed past the tree and kept my eyes on the ground. I heard leaves crinkle behind me. My thighs were burning but I couldn’t stop now. Something snatched at my leg. I tried to tug free but I tripped over my clumsy footing. I thrashed my foot around only achieving kicking myself.
My foot was caught on a branch.
I fought the tree branch for my foot and pushed through the last part of woods and did not hesitate to run across the dirt road. I dove into my tent and under my sleeping bag. I laid there panting until mercifully, sleep came.

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