Accursed Career

I told the boss it wasn’t a good idea.

“Mr. Primire, sir, that girl is talking like a crazy woman! The closest I’ve seen anyone shoot from that range, with the best gun, is 5 inches!”

My buddy, Mac, agreed. “Yeah, sir! And that’s pretty darn amazing, sir!”

But the boss, stubborn and obstinate as usual, couldn’t resist the carrot dangled in front of his nose, and the fool chased right after it.

So now I’m here, the Primire’s personal body guard, about to be executed for not protecting him, while Mac keeps changing the bloody cloths peeling off the the Primire’s head where the bullet barely grazed him.

The lucky duck… Woulda saved me a whole lotta trouble if the girl just aimed a bit more to the left…

Speaking of which, every second, the two twins are running farther and farther away from us! Our only hope of ever finishing off those blasted Resistance blokes, and it’s shattered!

I shoulda run away when I had the chance, too…

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