Stopped Loving Her (Theme song Challenge)

The funeral was small, only a few of us were there. Dudley, Tom, Mike, John, and I were gathered to one side. “I wonder if she’ll come,” I ventured.

Then a Lincoln Town car parked on the verge of the lawn and she got out. We all watched her approach the gravesite. All dressed in black, with only her white hair showing.

Dudley said, “Ever been in his house? He had pictures of her in every room. He said he’d love her until he died. I guess he did.”

“I introduced then back in ‘62,” I said, for no reason.

“He kept a scrapbook of all her early love notes. He even underlined every I love you in red.” John said.

She plucked a rose from an arrangement, kissed it and placed it on the casket, with that she walked back to her car.

I guess he stopped loving her today

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