Two Best Friends Discussing A Third [BFC... thrice is nice]

“Hey, have you seen Emma lately?”
shrug “Probably at cross country, or on a run or something.”
“Ah yeah.” thinks “Y’know, I can tell I’ve hung around her for quite some time.”
“How’s that?”
“Well, whenever something weird is said, a part of my brain tries to twist it into something particularly sketchy.”
“Yeah, that happens to me too.”
“I’m telling you, she’s engrained in my brain! She’s like a disease!”
“I’m serious!”
“No no! It’s just funny how you said it. Did you know she’s in the psychology club this year?”
“Now she’ll be able to mess with our heads!”
thinks “But… didn’t she do that before? I mean, with the whole firing off of random sentences and all.”
considers “But now she’ll be able to mess with our heads professionally.”
eyes widen “That can’t be good. But life’d be boring without stuff like that.”
“Yeah, no kidding.”
“Hey, it looks like it might rain again…”
Don’t say a word!

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