Poetry About HIM

“Wait!” I shouted a bit too loudly for the distance we were apart.
“I.. uh.. was wondering if you ever, like, got online? at home? after school?” I stammered.
“Yeah, but my parents have weird rules about chatting and surfing and stuff.”
“Oh.” My face fell.
“Catch you later?”
“Sure, later.”

I walked slowly up to my front door. I’d wanted to chat with him, but that was out of the question.

Instead of doing my homework I found myself thinking of him. So I succumbed to the pressure and took out a sheet of paper and wrote:

I wanna be
Held in your arms
Softly swaying

I wanna be
Nestled on your chest
Breathing you in

I wanna be
Lost in your eyes
Seeing your love

Then I quickly stuffed the paper into my binder so my brother wouldn’t find it. He’s always snooping around in my room when I’m gone. I needed to keep it with me.

Writing that felt so good. After I finished my homework I rewarded myself with another poem, then I went to bed thinking of HIM .

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