The Mall

They were a pair of friends… usually. Today, however, things were not quite so pleasant.

Though Billy and Nathan were together in their walk through the City Center Mall, they had not spoken to each other for at least ten minutes. It was a stupid dispute, they both knew full well, but pride kept them from patching things up. Besides that, they had been bickering a lot lately, and the friendship wasn’t exactly as healthy as it had once been – and it showed.

“Hey, Billy! Nathan!” The two of them stopped in place. They both knew full well who that voice was, and it wasn’t long before he was standing in front of them.

“Hi Jay,” answered Nathan, the tone of his voice still quite clearly bitter and his hands shoved into his pockets; inside one the blonde’s right hand fumbled with his money, at a loss for something else to do while in the opposite pocket his left hand did the same with lent.

But unfortunately, the subject wasn’t going to go unaddressed. “You two have been fighting again, haven’t you?”

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