g2 Challenge Entry Hit Parade [CoC]

After digging through all my old challenge entries, I decided to come up with a Top 10 List (in no particular order):
Unexpected Twist
Discoveries (35108)
Digging in the dirt yields some odd results.
Unconventional Zen Master
The Great Guru of the East (35245)
Infamous Beginning
It Came from the Pickle Jar (38550)
One infamous beginning and a snack lead to another.
A Plate of Fettucini Alfredo (38917)
Random Sentence Dare
Rapid Fire (40398)
A collection of a lot of really random sentences.
Helpful Nudge (40535)
A usual interaction between my muse and I
$250 an Hour (38511)
A tribute to my one friend who loves to mess with my head.
Fan Fiction
Methods of Persuasion (42371)
An addition to Sherlock Holmes
High Brow, Life and Death
I Done My Best (40749)
Theme Song
Cantina Band (43555)
Basic story of my life.

My Favorite Challenges that I’ve Issued
Epic Challenge
Diabollically Villainous Challenge
Sing-Song Challenge

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