I hurry down the dark, chilly street as i hear footsteps gaining behind me. I knew what was coming. I nearly run around the corner and slam into another tall, scary man. He grabbs my wrists and shoves me into the street corner where the other men gather around. I take a deep breath to keep calm. Theres no use screaming, no one would hear. I can tell they were looking me over before one of them finally spoke,
“Hey there little lady.”
“Its a bit late for you to be wandering the streets, now isnt it?”
I stay silent and look for a place to escape. There were none.
“You better get somewhere safe, there could be creeps around!” All of them laugh and one gives me an evil, plotting smile. I start hiperventilating and i run to one of the tiniest cracks and pushes with all of my weight. it was no use. The four men laugh and one shoves me back into the corner. I knew it was too late to go back and not have come here. it was way too late. I knew i in trouble. i knew i was cornered.
I knew i was trapped.

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