The fog was thick, and I could barely see a thing in the forest, even though the trees were sparse and thin. Branches stuck out like awkward arms reaching through the mist, and needles coated the ground. I was nervous.
I walked further along the barely visible path, trying to keep from wandering away. This was the shortest route I could take, yet I knew it would take longer. I get lost easily.
It should have been raining then, but somehow, the air just seemed to just get heavier with the fog. I stopped by a tree to rest. I’d been walking for nearly an hour. Taking a sandwich out of my backpack, I carefully picked off the crusts and devoured what was left. I threw the crusts in the bushes, and pushed my bag behind my back.
I don’t know how long I sat there, but it must have been pretty long; when I stood back up, I noticed the sun was already setting. I guess I just hadn’t noticed because of all of the fog and shade of the trees. It was hard to see much of anything in these woods.

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