The word resonated in my room, repeated endlessly by that unseen figure. I heard shuffling on the carpet..


I was petrified; I couldn’t even scream out. I was hidden safely behind my bed; maybe this thing, whatever it was, would leave.

Yet, the shuffling continued, and the voice grew urgent. It seemed as if it were yelling, getting angrier each time I didn’t respond. On the brightly lit wall, I saw the faintest silhouette of a man . I looked away quickly and curled up tighter, then heard the shuffling nearing…

I woke up and shivered.

Flicking on my light, I looked on both sides of my bed. I was still freaked out by the nightmare, still felt like someone was there. I looked to the left and didn’t see anything. I looked to my right. No one there either. About to turn off my light, I scanned my whole room. Finding nothing suspicious, I glanced at the bedside lamp.

I jumped with surprise, for sitting there, on the table, was a small pocketknife, pointed straight at me.

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