She's Fresh!

Hold on, I’m getting ahead of myself—which is ironic because I’m really inside of my own head right now.

“Would you like to get a coff somewhere?” Oh god, why did I shorten coffee, that sounds so stupid, coff, coff, do you need a coff drop dumb ass!?

“Yeah, sure.” Woah, she’s smiling again! Her teeth are amazingly straight. She’s much prettier up close. I might be OVER my head. “But the closest place is probably too far, would you rather go for a wa?” she said with a sly smirk.

What’s a wa…? oh. Damn, she got me. Cute and smart with a sense of humor? This is unfair. Don’t fuck this up! Hide that inner twerp. FOCUS .

“hehe you got me, what’s your name? I’m Donald.” ok, extend a hand but don’t be too firm, you’re not meeting Captain America here. Try to match the enthusiasm in her grip.

“I’m Lisa. Oh my your hand is sweaty, you must be a jogger.” Damn, she’s straight forward and a wise ass! I’m in love. She knows why your palm is misty, just be frank and tell her she’s pretty.

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