The Unlucky One

He walked trough Central park, the leaves swishing against each other as they socialized on the pavement. A few leaped up and joined the swirling dance of the wind.

His thoughts traveled with the leaves, swirling around each other in a quick pace. His focus switched from thought to thought and never stayed still for very long.

Stupid, he thought, How stupid was I? I knew they were right for each other. I never had a chance with Melinda…

A fountain of warm color flew up briefly from an angry kick. When he had walked into the apartment this afternoon and seen the two of them having such a good time without him…

They had betrayed him… His best friends had betrayed him, and they wouldn’t need him anymore.

A sharp cry intercepted his dark thoughts, and the wind scattered them away with the leaves when he saw someone trying to steal a woman’s purse.

The glint of metal in the robber’s hand put him in action, and he started to sprint towards the black figure, spurred on by the woman’s cries for help.

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