The Nightmare Before Christmas (WRITTEN BY LONE WRITER)

“You’re sure you know how to get there?â€?
“Yes, Kevin I know.â€? I sighed.
“OK, and you know you-“
I interrupted him. “I will call you if I get lost. Promise.â€?
Kevin paused. “I can come with you.â€?
“Kevin Jonas! Go to bed!â€? I shouted. “Your tired and I’m perfectly capable of driving myself to the mall! I’m going to meet Joe and Nick, I’ll be OK.â€?
When I finally disentangled myself from Kevin’s worried clutches, I got in my car and drove off towards the mall.
Why doesn’t Emily’s mom like me? I pondered. I’ve never done anything to her
“Crap.â€? I was way past where I was supposed to turn. I looked around at the street signs.
“You promised you wouldn’t get lost!â€?
I hear a crack of thunder and before I can even look up its pouring rain.
“Great!!â€? I push the button for my top to come up, but the top is stuck!
“Crap.â€? As if this wasn’t enough, my car rolls to a stop.
“Wha-?â€? I look at my gauges.
Out of gas.
I’m in the middle of some empty street, lost, soaking wet, and outta gas.

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