It Needs to Know

“Allright allright allright”, cried the fat man, “calling forth all those who need to know!!!! Come on come on come on! All those who need to know make yourself known ” He chuckled vainly at his pitiful joke.
The people were quiet like the calm before the storm. The Guard were closing in on the exits so that no one could escape. Someone screamed and all hell broke loose. The people rioted, yelled, charged the exits. It was complete chaos, panic. The fat man loved every minute of it.
“Ho Ho Ho. You know I just think I might have said, no I am sure of it, “CALLING FORTH ALL THOSE WHO NEED TO KNOW” ”.
The people stopped in there tracks to scared to move. A baby cried. The panicked and soothing mutters of the mother could be heard loud and clear.
“I know!” the fat man’s face lit up in sadistic glee,” I know I know who needs to know!!!. Madam bring the baby to me” He put his hands on his knees and bent down as if the people were children and he was telling them a secret, ” It needs to know”

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