My Dog at my homework

“Reese, why didn’t you do your homework?”
It was my math teacher, Mr. Ericson. I had spent all last night crying over Matt, that I forgot to do my homework.
“Um….My dog ate it?”
The class laughed. Hartley, the 7th grade hottie, looked back at me and winked. The wink didn’t even budge my spirts.
“Detention, Miss Hanson.”
I sighed.
I better call mom. Let her yell at me. Punish me. Another thing to make my life suck.
At the end of class. I got my detention slip from Mr. Ericson.
Hartley stayed back.
“I think it’s unfair you giving her detention, Mr. Ericson!”
“Watch it Hartley, or your going to be next!”
“Fine then, let me be next!”
Mr. Ericson smiled. Oh, young love. How cute!”
Young love? Was everthing about me young?”
He handed Hartley his detention slip. I quietly walked out before Hartley could talk to me.

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