We Could Live Like Kings

My anger suddenly shifted, and I thought about that night. That was the night he left me, all alone and heartbroken. That was the night he officially made in into the Bastard’s Hall of Fame.

Well, what had I done? I got right back up on my feet and had some fun. I deserved it. Right? Hell, yes!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. I didn’t mean “fun”, I meant fun. I’m not some slut or whatever else you would call it, even if he seems to think so…

I forgot all about him, for the first time in months. No more abuse, no more pain. That night, I was submurged in deafening music and a crowd of new friends. I was dancing ‘till I was out of breath, and this time, the whiskey didnt equal bruises.

The lights were flickering… Red. Blue. Green. Red. Yellow…
The beat was moving… Everyone was swaying back and forth as the music flowed through every part of everybody.

The drums and guitar mixed with the sound of druken laughter washed away the memories of my broken past and his long gone rage.

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