Tough Love~ No Alec

I was standing in my place between Dominique, my one friend, and Micheal Bradford, one of the most annoying asses around. “I saw Riley was wanting to give you a hug. Why’d you say no Peter?” I groaned at the sound of my random nickname Bradford gave me. “I said no because I’m dating someone else!”
“Uhm, it kinda looks like you’re crazy about her.” Bradford stated while pointing towards the flute player excitedly telling all of her other friends her update on Alec. “Yeah Dalton you’re kinda obvious,” Dominique added on to Bradford’s statement. Since I was in such a pissy mood I turned on Dominique stating, “Well, it’s kinda obvious you’re gayer than Lance Bass but I’m not saying anything.” That silenced Dominique for the time until the drum majors stood, signaling us to shut up.

I glanced behind me towards the flute section, where Riley stood with a big grin on her face, laughing at something the flute beside her told her.

I wish I could make her laugh that way. But the problem is I’m no Alec

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