Broken~Hearted Dreams

That night my dreams were a jumble of darkness and light. I would see Robin’s masked face, his green eyes twinkling under the sparkling mask. But suddenly I would feel a huge weight on my chest and only a looming darkness was all I could see.
“Evelyn, darling wake up!” I peeked open my eyes, it was still dark out; stars twinkled in the indigo sky. Karmedy stood over me, her lips in a worried frown.
“Whats wro-”
“Oh are you alright sweetie, you were screaming and then my gosh you nearly fell off your bed.” Karmedy took her hand and pressed it against my forhead. “Your running a fever, oh dear.” Karmedy stood imediately and mumbling little words of “its okay”, she went out the door. I put my own trembling hand to my forhead, it pulsed with warmth. Suddenly I felt something wet roll down cheek. My finger caught it, a tear drop. I had been crying.

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