I walked up and stood in the edge of her doorway.

She was sitting on her bed, working on something. I gazed in at her. Her brow was creased in concentration. I could tel she was working very hard on something.

Suddenly, her face relaxed and she laughed. My heart melted at the sweet, pure, innocent sound of her laugh. She looked just like a little girl again. Her face showed pure joy at having completed what ever she was working on.

I chuckled quietly to myself, loving her more and more. She glanced up and her smile widened as she saw me, leaning against her door frame.

She stood up and walked with the grace of a dancer over to me. “How long ya been standing there?” She asked, taking my hands and kissing me quickly.

“Not long.” I told her. Gazing into her blue eyes.

She eyed me skepticaclly, because I’d been know to just watch her. Not in a creepy, stalker kind of way… just in a loving way.

I laughed. “I promise, I only just walked up.”

She smiled and kissed me again, holding it out.

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