That Fat Lady Sang (comeback challenge)

I didn’t know I was gunna live again. Surprise! Once you’re dead, you’re dead. That is that. All’s well ends well. WRONG . Once your dead you live again. You know that re-incarnation stuff? Well it’s all true. Except the part where you could come back as a cricket. Reincarnate-ees are strictly bipedal. Gandi messed up there. Gandi? Buhda? I dunno one of those Indian religions. The real Indians. Not the Native Americans. You knew that.

What happened first? I’ll tell you. The first thing I conscioncely heard while dead (bit of an oxymoronic paradox for you there) was a lady singing. I opened my eyes. The lady was fat. It’s not over till that fat lady sings right? The Fat Lady’s true too.

She told me to get up. I did. Then she told me to take a number and get in line. I did that too. She sang a welcome to another sorry dead man who took a number ‘n got in line behind me. It went on like that for a while. ‘Til now. I waited out the line. My turn. I’m gunna live again. I’m back.

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