Long Gone

Peter noticed the scoutbot scurry towards the exit, hunching to protect something from the firing turrets. “Cease fire!” he ordered.
The barrage stopped. He strode after the scoutbot. “Halt!” he barked. The scoutbot continued on its journey.
“Halt!” It stopped this time. Peter caught up with it.
“What are you doing? What do you have there?” He pried the bot up to glance at the child in its arms. “Do you have orders to take this child somewhere?” he asked suspiciously.
The bot hesitated. “Affirmitive,” it replied slowly.
Peter balked. “You do? From where?”
“Terminal Branch 7674.”
“What is your destination?”
“Unknown. Will recieve commands upon reaching exit.”
Peter nodded, satisfied. He let the scout go on its way, but he couldn’t shake this feeling he had. He headed for Terminal Branch 7674.
He was enraged. There was no Terminal Branch 7674. The scoutbot had actually lied to him. He would shut that thing down in an instant!
But by this time, the scoutbot, with Emma in tow, was long gone.

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