Nice Kayley Makes Her Exit

No, no! I won’t. I won’t speak to her.

Giving into my pride and silly fear, I stomped off, trying to figure out what to do.

As I passed by the school gates, I caught sight of something that made my insides freeze.

I doubt that seeing this happening will ever cease to do something destructive to me, my personality, and my brain.

I cleared my throat noisily, and spoke loudly, interrupting them.

“Oi, Prince Charming. Ever heard of STDs?” I slung my bag over my shoulder, sending the coolest glower I could muster over towards the happy couple.

Everett turned bright red and turned to face me, holding hands with Alicia.

“Your mommy wants you home at six. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. You’ve got a curfew, buddy boy.”

I stalked past them; Alicia was seething, her kind mask now tossed aside as she glared at me venomously. Everett was still red, and slightly slack-jawed.

Yes, good ol’ Kayley was gone.

Do you know how I met Everett?

He was the one being bullied.

I used to rescue him all the time.

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