Path to Heaven

The bitter autumn air blew back my hair. My fingers trembled in my lap as I looked out at the dark, dorment town. Redley swung his arm around my shivering form.
“We shall be there soon my love,” He spoke. I nodded silently. The horse’s hooves pounded on the rode, and suddenly they skidded on pebbles and the scenery changed to a unsettled forest. The leaves swirled around, the branches rocked back and forth. Redley stood as the carriage came to a complete stop.
“Here we are my lady,” Hesitantly I took his cold hand as he helped me down. “Probably not the best time to be here huh,” He chuckled to himself. I had never see him laugh before. I liked watching him though, it sent a little snap up my spine.
We walked along the black murky water. I clenched my coat protectively around me. He took off his own wool coat and passed it to me. I thanked him with a small word of gratitude as we walked on. Moonlight spilled over the river, and I swore it lookd like a path to heavan.

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