The Serpent Story

The Quartermaster jumped into action immediately, the bagpiper continuing to play, giving the crew a rush of adrenanline as they waited for…
The two serpents hissed in annoyance as they got pelted with bullets that seemed to have no effect on them. The Quartermaster ordered the Gunner and the Crew from the front to ready the dorry skiffs, and Bloody Jenny to ready the powder keg. They had to act fast the serpents were about to strike, angry at having been fired at.
Just as the Quartermaster was about to yell fire one of the serpents spun its head around and slid silently into the water. The other serpent watched, interested in something the crew couldn’t see.
“Hold fire,” the Quartermaster said to Bloody Jenny, not too loud. The serpent that remained hissed and slid into the water as well… but didn’t leave, instead circled the whole frigate, as if waiting. Just moments later, Bloody Jenny gasped at the sight of a mast and cannon fire.

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