Knowledge Is Fear [500 Ficlets Challenge]

Sighing, Leon turned the combination to his locker automatically as his mind whizzed over other things.

“Leon, would you like a sweet?”

Of course, he had declined. His body couldn’t handle human food.

Not even water.

The slightest upset made him throw up all over the place, without warning and under the pressure of excruciating burning in his throat.

Plus, the stupid sunlight was way too strong today. He would have to find aloe when he went home.

Leon remembered the creepy girl he had seen at lunch.

Shortly after his refusal of the dessert, she had slammed her plate down beside him, and given him a glare capable of freezing over Hell.

Weird, green eyed human female.

He shook his head, and opened his locker tiredly.

A scrap of paper slid out elegantly, falling to the floor with a silent grace.

On it was sketched a gaping, fanged mouth.

Small, neat handwriting was printed beneath the disturbing drawing.

If he had a beating heart, it would palpitate violently.

I know your secret.

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