Eros and Psyche 8 - the Explanation

For all of you who are still following this story, you deserve an explanation. (Hence the title.) Here goes:

When people started worshipping Psyche for her beauty, all the temples of Aphrodite were deserted. The great goddes was forgotten, rivaled in beauty by a mere mortal. So, as in all her dire situations, she called upon the help of her somewhat mischevous son Eros, the god of love. “I want you to find this girl Psyche,” she hissed, “and shoot an arrow through her heart, making her fall in love with the most hateful beast on the planet. Then she showed Eros an image of Psyche.
Big mistake. It was as if Eros had shot himself through the heart. He told the oracle of Delphi to instruct Psyche’s father on how to marry her, so he could have her for himself.
When Psyche betrayed Eros and spilled the wax on his shoulder, he of course had to go to his mother to be healed. She found out his story, and no being in Greece would accept Psyche, from the temples of Zeus to the humble sheep of the Greek pastures.

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