The woman grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the advancing man’s/Joe?’s way. She took off, leaivng me to follow her, but suddenly she came running back. Down came the switchblade, and sparks flew as she cut through the links. I winced, but then gazed at the man/Joe? as he approached. The woman seemed scared enough, and she grabbed one of my newly freed hands, the Taser from the dead guard’s belt, and ran.
I struggled to keep up with her as i heard the man’s/Joe?’s pounding feet and hard breaths behind me. I daren’t look back, for fear was overwhelming me. This, this man I had thought I could trust, what had happened to him? Why was he bugging out?
I had no idea my questions would be awnsered soon. I was just runnng blindly, following the woman with no clue of where we were going. The man/Joe? was following us. The woman tripped, and I stopped, but she pushed me ahead of her. She told me to “Run ahead. There is a deep cave fixed with a cot. Go in there and get settled down. I’ll be there soon.” So I ran…

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