NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch.2 New Guy

I sigh again as I turn the corner towards my first hour. I get in class and sit down four minutes before the bell rings. No one else is in class yet, but I just don’t have the energy to go find some of my friends to walk with. I slump in my seat and play with my iPod ear bud, the one not in my ear.

A tap on my shoulder brings me back to the real world. Claire is sitting in the desk behind me, a look I know well on her face. I turn in my seat, and before my iPod is away she is talking.

“Did you see the new guy?â€? She asks, and then continues as I shake my head. “Oh, he’s gorgeous! Blonde hair, blue eyes… and you can just see his muscles move beneath his shirt as he walks! And he has this total “I know I’m hotâ€? attitude about him.â€?

I roll my eyes at her and laugh. She is always the one with all the gossip. I bite back the sudden wave of sadness I feel at remembering, no matter how hot new boy is… I’m taken forever…

“Geez girl, don’t get so excited.â€? Claire scoffs.

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