NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch.2 Chris

“Huh?â€? I say, playing it off as tiredness. I don’t need her asking a bunch of questions, because if she found out anything the whole school would know within twenty-four hours. This is the only problem with being friends with the school gossip, you can tell her no secrets.

Claire looks at me for a minute and then dismisses it, wanting to get back to the new guy she’ll probably have slept with by the end of the week. “So… his name is Chris. Isn’t that just adorable?â€?

I nod and look towards the door as the guy from this morning walks in.

“Crap…â€? I mutter, looking away quickly.

Claire glances towards the door and gasps. “That’s him!â€? She hisses at me as she smiles and waves suggestively at him.

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