Really Nice To Meet You

A burst of memory told Perry to place his finger on his nose.


At last he had done something right. He was surrounded by various containers, crates, tubes, and boxes of all shapes and sizes. It was the warehouse.

“You’re the new fella, ay?” asked a man who appeared from behind a stack of cartons, “This way. You’ll learn the position of single item clerk today.”

With a sigh of relief, Perry followed the man, he was so glad to have what seemed normal human company. They passed through several narrow canyons of mostly unlabeled mass quantities of items to arrive behind a counter. It was sort of like the inside of a bank. The man that was helping Perry signaled to someone working at the counter and grabbed two enormous sacks from the side of the room. They looked as though they weighed several tons.

Nope. He couldn’t be human. But there, maybe that skinny kid in the corner… just at that moment the boy turned around. He was probably only fifteen. He had to be human.

“Hi, I’m Konstantin.”

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