NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch.3 Looking in the Kitchen

We walk into the kitchen and he lets go of my hand.

“May I be of any help getting dinner ready?â€? Asks Edwin in his politest voice.

“Why sure Edwin, that would be great,â€? answers my mother.
Edwin walks over to my mom, and I walk into the living room. My sister is now siting next to Ashton instead of on him and my dad is sitting on the other couch.

“Hey sista! You have fun with Edwin?â€? My sister says in a really happy voice.

I nod and take the seat next to my dad.

“Ashton was just telling us some stories of his life back home,â€? My dad says.

“He is very funny,â€? My sister says and smiles at him.“So Edwin and I were walking in the park and a squrriel comes out right in front of us. I get my cousin to try to feed the squrrel…â€?

I loose my focus on him and look into the kitchen. Edwin is helping my mom make dinner by cutting carrots. He notices me looking at him and he looks back at me. He grins and nods. I grin and nod back. He looks away and continues his cutting.

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