NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch.3 Sad Reality

“You have me so confused,â€? he says in a calm voice, “At first it seemed like you liked me and the next minute I see you with another guy. Now you tell me you didn’t want to be with him, but you yet you still are. You cried and ran away after what I said and I don’t blame you it was harsh and I am sorry. I just have this feeling your hiding something. Will you please tell me what it is?â€?

“I…â€? I start and he walks closer to me.

I wipe away my tears and try to say it again.

“I have a… arranged marriage….â€? I say and run away.

I don’t want to hear his answer. I know it will be bad so I run. I run right into the safety zone, the girl’s bathroom. There I look at my self in the mirror. My make- up is all smeared. More tears roll down my face as reality hits. Why did I just tell him? He may spread it all over the school. Well he wanted the truth and he got it. The sad truth that I am forced into a marriage to a guy that is so boring he makes watching paint dry exciting.

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