NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch. 3 Silence Before Dinner

After my shower, I walk downstairs. Mom is finishing up dinner and Edwin is setting the table. He looks at me and stops. I can see hurt and sorrow in his eyes that I had never noticed before. What would it feel like to leave the one you love for someone else?

I shook the horrible feeling and smiled genuinely at Edwin. I wasn’t sure what Ashton had told Edwin about what he had said to me, but I figured Edwin would come to me when he was ready to talk. I walk to our counter and grab the napkins and silver ware, deciding to help Edwin.

We finish setting the table in silence. No one is talking besides Ashton and Amber murmuring softly to each other on the couch. I notice Amber looking our way a couple of times.

“Dinner is ready!â€? Mom calls, breaking the silence.

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