Pure Fear

I slunk through the dusty shadows, the image of that body still fresh in my mind. Every noise seem amplified to my ears: my shallow breath, my footsteps, the whirring of some machine somewhere. I came to a huge door halfway down the first hall.

Wonder what’s in here…

I slowly pushed it open. It looked to be a conference room, with its big mahogany table with inlaid monitors and keyboards.

Oddly, there was a big, long sheet of paper scribbled with facts, figures, diagrams, and other technical jargon. I peered at it through the dark.

Now I was no techno-expert, but studying the paper made me shiver.

This was it.

This was “the plan.”

It was the Overload on paper.

It’d started here.

Oh no, I thought, shaking my head in disbelief, no, no… I better get out of here.

I straightened up to turn and bolt out of this place, but I was frozen, wide-eyed, in perfect fear, in my tracks.

“I thought I was alone here, but I guess I was wrong,” a wheezy voice rasped through the dusty silence.

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