The Birth of a Killer [Serial Killer Challenge]

The blood.

The blood had always been the problem, or rather the washing away the blood. Now, after finding the cave, there were no problems. Now it was time to kill a human.

My first choice was a nine year old girl; Alisha was her name. She was in my ninth grade class. She had red hair, freckles and no close friends. I followed her home for two weeks, just getting to know the route and her neighborhood.

I picked the ideal spot, a full block under construction. And during the winter months the workmen were gone when school let out.

She was easy to get. All I did was call out her name and she walked over to me. One quick glance around and I struck her with a piece of iron pipe. I dragged her over to a ditch, and covered her with a piece of scrap plywood.

After dark I carried her to the cave. The cave was the home of hundreds of rats. I laid her out on the ground, stripped her and cut open both of her legs: that was to draw the rats.
Three days later I went back and there was nothing left.

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