The Lights Go On at Night: Adrift

Seth’s lungs were totally still as he gazed out on the tapestry of stars and planets outside the window. He felt the windows – extremely thick plastic-type material to keep out the vacuum. Amazing.


Calvin started screaming and crying, and Abbey was going into shock. She collapsed back on the floor, chest heaving as she grasped for air.

Seth rushed over, but as he leaned over her, something hit him in the back of the head. He turned around and grabbed it. A respirator. Seth hesitated, but decided there was nothing else to do.

Abbey’s breath calmed as the cone molded to her mouth, and she settled down to a comfortable peace. Seth thought he could use some of that right about now. Or Calvin, still crying by the foyer stairs.

Seth grabbed his son and gathered him close, fear and confusion leaping through his heart. So many mixed emotions – so utterly strange.

Suddenly a warbling chatter echoed from the ceiling. Then it morphed into a human-like voice.

“Welcome aboard, Maver family.”

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