Moving Forward in Ecstacy

“Ow!” I jumped as a circuit in my arm sparked. “Ah hell,” I muttered, sparing only a glance for my robotic arm. “You win some, you lose some.”

I stood there for a moment, deciding where I was gonna go. Staring out at the open fields I realized it was possible to be free. Free from authority, free from pestering humans who had too many questions and too much hate, and most of all free from Gianna.

The wind insisted on punching me in the face, so I punched it back, screaming: “Hoooo yeeeaaaaaahh!” I leaped in the air and landed on my feet, grinning. Suddenly I was ecstatic! I couldn’t hold it in!

“Yeeeee hoooooo!” I cried jubilantly, running and jumping. I grabbed my bike and ran next to it, whooping and hollering. Finally I jumped up and straddled the seat mid-run. My super fast reflexes could do that.

I peddled fast and fast and fast. And I was flying. ...Almost. I didn’t know where I was going but I was moving forward. That much was for sure.

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