Preparation for Experiment No. 2

I closed my eyes, felt myself, then the floor. Warm, then cold. I opened my eyes again, but shut them almost immediately; I lay flat on my back, with a bright floodlight encircling me. Darkness lay just beyond. I shielded my face.

“Subject has regained consciousness. End Test One.”

Test? I began to sit up, only to be restrained by straps that’d sprung from the tile floor.

Lord, if you’re still there, I prayed, get me out of here. Please… please I beg of you…

The straps tightened around my wrists, ankles, chest, and forehead. What are they gonna do now?

I couldn’t help myself.

I began screaming.

I couldn’t stand being alone. I hated being the science project of inanimate objects. I just wanted to get out.

I kept screaming. I closed my eyes tightly, letting the primal sound rattle my vocal chords.

I was suddenly rendered silent when a strap wrapped itself around my mouth as a gag. My eyes sprang open.

“The next test requires the subject to remain silent.”

Oh, yippie.

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