first crush

It’s the new kid,
Or the football player,
Or the math wiz,
Or book worm,
That makes your
Heart flutter.
You like his smile,
Or his aura,
Or his intelligence,
Or his talent.
He walks by
You in the hall,
And you think
You’re about to die.
He says hi to you
In math, and your
Voice disappears,
Like a coin, secretly
Hidden, hiding until
The exact perfect moment.
He asks you about
The book your reading,
And you find yourself
Forgetting the lines
You’ve rehearsed in
Your mirror only days
You fear that day
Will never come,
Where he’ll ask you out.
But you hope and
Dream anyway.
But when the day
Comes, where he,
The football player,
Or the math wiz,
Or book worm,
Walks toward you
In the hall, when you think
You’re going to suffocate.
But your breath comes
Back in hot steams,
When you realize,
It’s your bestfriend
That he wants to ask out.
You think how could
I ever have liked him,
And how you judged
Him so wrong.

He your
first crush.

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