Punch Belly

“I told that fool off. Then I had to get up out of there.” Andre meekly replies to Cheryl, his younger sister, as she grills him for skipping class.

“What are you? High? You smell like weed. Why do you insist on living at the lowest level? If you don’t go back to school today I’m calling mom and I’m going to tell her what a pathetic mess you are.” Cheryl threats.

Andre seems to ignore her, rising up into the air – drifting. Suspended in hang-time, he continues to shoot. His wrist snaps. The ball rotates. Swish.

“Like water baby!” Andre undulates his shoulders and arms like waves and dismisses Cheryl entirely.

“You jackass!” She yells, jumping off the end of her patience and dive-bombing head on into anger. She’s tried to reason with him. There’s only one way to get his attention now.

Cheryl balls up a fist and hurls it at Andre, knocking the wind out of him on impact. He gasps and doubles over, fighting for air and a foothold to chase after his sister.

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