Somethings In The Air

She ran outside, the moon hiding behind the trees in the middle of the rainy night. Shes a tall girl with wild red hair, and a tall stature. She didn’t know where to go but she wanted to breathe.
Her heart pounding she knew of one person who could help her, cure her.
Pounding on the door of the little house she didn’t know what to expect. Shes heard rumours of an old medicine woman, an old witch who lived here, but Linda herself had never seen the woman.
The door opened and a girl, looking like a 16 year old appeared. “Come in, I have work to do.”

Linda didn’t speak, she was confused as she stared at the young girl. There was something strangely beautiful about her. Abnormally beautiful. The girl seemed to dance with every move she made, and sing with every word she spoke. She was dressed simply in a flowing skirt and scoop neck blouse. She was wearing nature colors and a pentacle.

She’s Pagan. She is a Witch.

A strange feeling of insecurity and confusion overcame Linda.

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