The Red Sox Suck

The smallest of the angry Yankee fans rose from the metallic
bleachers and extended his middle finger. “The wed sox
sukk!” he screamed. His Dad and Uncle Ray laughed
aloud as they gulped down their $8 beers from the
undersized plastic cups. Connor smiled proudly and sat
back down, reaching for his gameboy and Wild Cherry Capri

For 23 years Curtis and Uncle Ray had been attending
Yankee games. Now they had sucked 4 year old Connor into
their twisted little world of $8 beers, painted faces, pricey
jerseys, and season tickets. Someday Connor would be just
like them – he’d smoke Camel cigarrettes and drive an old
Ford truck. He’d join the Navy when he turned 17 and then
get out early. He’d get too drunk at a bar and spend the night
in jail. Someday he’d be all over the place and then right
here again at Yankee stadium with his son, drinking beer
and flipping off Red Sox fans. Someday he’d be like them in
almost every way.

What did his Mother think? Well, she thought the Red Sox sucked too…

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