I shrieked.

That’s all I could do, the pain was so excruciating.

But I persisted. I would never sacrifice my secret. Even if I lost my life over it.

If they knew, they’d be certain to kill my husband.

I knew little of this man I called my husband, but what I did know filled me with joy, wonder, excitement, and love. I trusted him with almost everything.

Except that one, tiny secret that involved him. If I even uttered a word of it, it would fall into the wrong hands, and he’d be slain for it.

I cried out in pain once more. The buzzing in my ears was overpowering, but I could hear they were threatening to hurt myself and my husband again if I didn’t say anything.

They were becoming desperate.

I was becoming desperate.

My world was becoming more hazy. As I began to slip, I hoped understanding would come to him. I hoped he would live without the burden of my secret.

I hoped he knew how much I loved him.

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