The opposite of now.

I’d told them it wouldn’t work. Three days of non-stop arguing, nagging, and outright begging hadn’t done a thing to change their minds, however, and by the time the power had built up to sufficient levels to activate the damn machine they were not only willing but anxious to go. I suppose, looking back, that I just might have caused them to go, just to spite me. No matter. I wasn’t getting into that jerry-rigged so-called “time machineâ€? for love or money, and if they were going to risk their lives, well, that was their lookout.

Of course Bob was the one who had the idea, and once Steve got the thought into his head, there was nothing that could stop him. Okay, I admit it: The idea had some small fascination for me as well – in theory, anyway. But I never in a million years would have expected them to actually try to make a go of it.

Now I was staring, stunned, at the spot where the box had been, just a moment ago. It had just… vanished.

And they hadn’t even told me which direction they were going in.

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