Cacaphony... Or Not

Nothing made sense anymore. She was mine, but only in my mind. I’d never told her of my affections. All the people I loved, my family, my friends, everyone who mattered to me, came flooding back to my mind.

They were gone. Forever.

I couldn’t take it. I thought I’d go insane.

I lay there, my eyes closed, trying not to sob.

Then she disappeared.

A small, multi-tone cacaphony of beeping caught my ear.

Only it didn’t wasn’t a cacaphony for long.

Was… was that “Hey Jude”?

It… it couldn’t be.

My restraints were released. I rubbed my wrists, slowly sitting up. I tried to figure out the beeping, mouthing the words to “Hey Jude.” It matched perfectly.

I stood up and blindly followed the sound until I hit a long control board that blinked faintly. It captivated me; the light, the sound, the color.

It all made sense in my mind. It was all technological, but it was art and music to me.

I looked up. The android was next to me again, peering at me.

“How does this work?” I asked him curiously.

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