Time Warp

I walked up the sidewalk to Demi’s front door. She answered at my first knock. “Hi beautiful, you look hot.”
She frowned at me and held the door open. I said, “We gotta go Demi, we’re running late.”
“You know you have to come in and see my parents first,” she said sweetly.
I went in and almost laughted. Her dad was dressed like the father in Father Knows Best. And her mother was in a long dress. He dad stood and held out his hand. I shook his hand and he said, “Don’t keep my little girl out too late. We don’t sleep good until she’s home.”
Her mother gushed at me, “Oh, my, don’t you look like a gentleman. Let me take a picture. We have one of those new cameras that develop the picture almost as soon as you take it.”
Expecting a digital camera, I was taken back when she brought out a big black thing that hummed, before spitting out a picture. She smiled and said, “You kids go on, it takes a few minutes before the color sets in.”
Walking to the car Demi said, “Did you forget my corsage?”
“I guess I did”

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