A Brave New World, Indeed (Controversial Challenge: Eugenics)

Peter scanned the screen. Two digital images of a pair of DNA , and beside them one strand that was incomplete.

He couldn’t believe it. Something just didn’t seem right about this, about being able to pick and choose the best of traits. Species are meant to change, but the species shouldn’t be able to change itself at will.

He shook his head. In a few years, he and all the others who had been “naturally created” would be considered inferior to this “new race.” His group wouldn’t be able to learn as fast, resist disease, or be as strong as this new breed of humans.

It’s for the best, the developers told the young Peter, think of the progress!

Yes, the progress. The pursuit of perfection. This was high-tech transcendentalism gone wrong. This wasn’t natural, this wasn’t right.

He shook his head again. “A brave new world, indeed,” he spat coldly.

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