Hotgrl123: Hey.

Coolguy456: Hey

Hotgrl123: you can tell by my screen name that I think I’m hot, which probably means that I look like a cross between Tom Hanks and a chipmunk.

Coolguy456: Yea, and I think I’m cool, which probably means I have about as many friends as a dead electric eel. A little less then a live one, though.

Hotgrl123: OMG ! Me 2! LOL ! Thts soooo funi! LOL ! The wrld iz a place full of luv and possibilities! LOL !

Coolguy456: Wow, you are so cool! You use a lot of acronyms and abbreviations! Even though I don’t know what half of them mean!

Coolguy456: That’s funny!

Hotgrl123: LOL !!!!!

Coolguy456: you say LOL a lot too. Surely you’re not really laughing out loud at the fact that I said “That’s funnyâ€?, are you?

Coolguy456: Hello?

Coolguy456: Are you there?

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